Old Orchard Grove Ratepayers Association (OOGRA) is a Ontario registered non for profit resident group that has the objective of balancing the needs of its 2600 households with the development needs of the City of Toronto.

If you live in the area bounded by Avenue Road and Bathurst Avenue and Lawrence Avenue and Wilson Avenue, you are part of Old Orchard Grove Ratepayers Association and we would like to encourage you to become a member, contribute and take an active part in our organization.

OOGRA engages in the following activities:

1. Monitoring of Building permit applications in our area as they are published

2.Helping residents with pertinent information relative to their specific requirements and concern regarding development effecting them

3.Communication of studies, by-law changes, other on going matters related to the City of Toronto

4.Collaborating with other City of Toronto Resident Association through Confederation of Residents and Ratepayers Associations (CORRA) in matters that are of shared interest to other such organizations.

5.Organizing of community events to build awareness of matters effecting our neighbourhood

6.Fundraising to hire professionals to advise on development cases that are of concern to residents

7.Resourcing and engaging in Working Groups mandated by the City and our Ward 16 Councillor Christin Carmichael Grebs  


OOGRA is currently engaged in following the following developments:

- 228 Wilson Ave, 17 story 108 units Condominium Building, OOGRA actively participates to the Site Working Group

-Transition Zone for the South Side of Wilson as part of August 26th 2014 amendment to 228 Wilson Ave.

-1912-1914 Avenue Road Proposed Development and upcoming FEbruary 24th OMB hearing

-2088 Avenue Road Development Proposal

-250 Lawrence Avenue East